Read 20 Minutes
February Novel Project – Keep track of minutes 
No School Monday


French and Indian War

Read 20 Minutes
Homework Links (vocab) ceremony (math) week 18 day 5 (Week 18 Friday) Math Practice 12
Valentine’s Party Tomorrow (Must have bag or box)
Math (Gus) 2 digit by 1 digit
Math (Nelson) Multiply 2 digit by 2 digit due Tuesday
Math (Kruse) None


Read 20 Minutes
Book Report Due tomorrow (parents may help)
Homework Links (vocab) dismal (math) week 18 day 4 (week 18 Thursday) Verb  (Cursive) U
Math (Gus) 2 digit by 1 digit multiplication and IXL H1
Math (Nelson) logic problem due tomorrow
Math (Kruse) None


Plymouth Plantation

Read 20 Minutes
Book Report Due Thursday (handwritten on lined paper)  
Homework Links (vocab) huddle (math) week 18 day 3 (week 18 Wednesday) Combining Sentences (cursive) K
Carnival  Envelope due Wednesday
Math (Gus) Tack On and IXL 4th D8
Math (Nelson) IXL D18 and 19 Due Tuesday
Math (Kruse) None


Read 20 Minutes
Valentine’s Party Friday (Bring bag or box for collecting)
Homework Links – (vocab) vacant (math) week 18 day 2 (week 18 Tuesday) Analogies, 2 pages
Math (Gus) Tack On Zeros and IXL H3
Math (Nelson) Long Algorithm
Math (Kruse) None
Book Report Due Thursday