Read 20 Minutes
MCA Tests done
Homework Links (vocab) locate (math) week 27 day 5 (Week 27 Friday) Practice 21
Math (Gus) Drawing Fraction…Notability
Math (Nelson) Mean Meidan Mode
Math (Kruse) None
Library Tomorrow
Spelling Test Tomorrow


Read 20 Minutes
Homework Links (vocab) commence (Math) Week 27 Day 4 (Week 27 Thursday) You Decide
IPads charged overnight
MCA Math Test Tomorrow (sleep, eat, and charge)


Read 20 Minutes
Homework Links – (vocab) eager (math) Week 27 Day 3 (Week 27 Wednesday) Quotation Marks
MCA Math test tomorrow – have headphones, sleep and eat
Math (Gus) None
Math (Nelson) None
Math (Kruse) April 12,14,19,20, 21,25,26


Read 20 Minutes
Homework Links (vocab) orbit (math) Week 27 Day 2 (Week 27 Tuesday (analogies and opinions)
Math (Gus) None
Math (Nelson) MCA #7 and 2 sheets of temperature
Math (Kruse) April 12,14,19,21,25
MCA Math Test Wednesday and Thursday
Mini Book Club due Wednesday