Here are a couple resources:

The first is their local website.
You can read about recent action, sign up for updates, etc.  It’s very informative.

The other:

Below is a link for what I hope to be a great use of social media to support the Bloomington Federation of Teachers.  It is a FB page called “Friends of Bloomington Educators”.  It was set up by parents to support their teachers in protracted negotiations.  Here is the narrative, written by the parents:
The teachers of Bloomington Public Schools need our support. Our teachers do not have a current contract….the contract expired June 30, 2015. Our Bloomington teachers are exceptional and we are so lucky that they completely support our kids both inside and outside the classroom. Please stand with our teachers as they work towards a settlement. They are asking for an average settlement competitive with the surrounding districts. If we can’t match other districts, we stand to lose the best teachers that help make our schools great!
Check it out!

Eric Herrmann is also happy to answer questions and provide ideas for support.

Thank you for your consideration.



There are other retirees not listed who wished not to be listed here and party details not known at this time.

I’ll update when new info received.  We just wanted to acknowledge our colleagues and say THANK YOU!

We also wanted create a place to help avoid missed parties and acknowledgements.

In response to the ballot question:

Do you support Eden Prairie Schools’ move to self-funding health insurance?

We have a result of 242 YES – 25 NO

Our elected delegates and registered delegates for the rep convention are:

Rhett Larson

Tom Baker

Angie Roesner

Jamie Alsleben

Julie Weeden

We also had write in votes for (not attending):

Lauren Seashore

Claudia Davila

Erin Webster

Ann DeHoff

Lindsay Klaverkamp

Our elected delegates and registered delegates for the NEA Rep. Assembly are:

Tom Baker

Heather Adams

We also had a write in vote for (not attending):
Claudia Davila

Self-Funding Presentation

Self-Funding Q & A

CMS Presentation Video
(Note: the shadow people will disappear after 1 1/2 min.  We’re not cinematographers:))

Degrees Not Debt presentation from Education Minnesota.

EPEA has donated $500 from charitable contributions to FEPS.

EPEA has recently donated $200 to the book drive.



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EPEA Meeting Dates


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