EPEA Proposed Budget for 2017-18


We really need input prior to our next meeting on Sunday, 3/26.

Complete 2 question survey here.  Please and thank you.


If you need help in reviewing your paycheck you could use either of the resources below.  EPEA reps used this sample paycheck and salary schedule in their buildings to bring members together and hold short 10 minute meetings.    Ryan Dehnel at CMS produced this screencast video to walk through similar steps.

Calling all new and potential leaders:

Emerging Leaders Opportunity

These are AFL-CIO scholarships available to members. There are two scholarships available. One is an adult learner scholarship. The other is a scholarship for graduating seniors of union members.

You can review this Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 1.30.39 PMone pager or visit EPS Personalized Learning Site


This Survey Monkey link is a way you can communicate w/EPEA leadership around concerns or issues.

It’s an effort at a way to establish some data around our needs and initiate clear procedures of working issues through buildings and to Rep Congress.


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Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/groups/epeateachers/

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/epea_teachers

Handle: @epea_teachers

  • There isn’t much in written policies for EPEA on social media – use caution, assume entries are public, no student data which includes pictures where individuals are identifiable
  • If posting pictures, make sure who is in them knows purpose and you have their consent
  • Use sites to connect and collaborate and consider impact of what you post

Facebook is a private group right now. You must request acceptance.

If your Facebook or Twitter name will not be easily recognized as an EPEA member (maiden name etc..), please notify Tom by email.

Degrees Not Debt presentation from Education Minnesota February 2016.
There is more current and up to date info on Debt Relief currently available at educationminnesota.org

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