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Welcome Back Members on this First Day of School!


Look what I received last week. Other members too. Did you? This is the beginning of target campaigns encouraging members to drop their union. In no uncertain terms, dropping membership could bring the end of collective bargaining – the right for your union to negotiate pay, benefits, and conditions of employment. The Center for American Experiment is funding this letter campaign and it isn’t about providing teachers service or protecting public education. A potential member I talked with last week had joined a private group for liability coverage in a different state. In discussion this person was concerned about what that might mean for our local and group and was navigating canceling their involvement with that group. Digging into that group’s work, I learned the largest donor to that group is an organization working to privatize education. Play video of Ed MN below if you want more info.

Celebrate Membership!

EPEA has not received ANY requests to drop membership since JANUS. It’s that important! EPEA intends to keep it that way. 59 of 63 potential members at the EPEA teacher breakfast signed up for membership. 3 others have since. Membership is critical to our success and impact. Further, EPEA now has preschool teacher group organized as part of our local. They are considered an ESP or Education Support Professional group and are working to negotiate their first contract.