Please thank our dedicated volunteers on this year’s Carnival Committee!  If you have questions or suggestions about the Carnival feel free to email

Carnival Co-Chairs Angie Jones
Anne Wardleworth
Kidz Store Peggy Scherer
Sonja Nodland
Theme Baskets Sandy Major
Teacher Auction Nicole Cronin
Laura Fritz
Raffle Kelly Hopper
Amy Strezo
Treasurer Gaby Schwob
Ryan Wieber
Advance Ticket Sales Andrea Koch
Day-Of Ticket Sales Kate Eidem
Volunteer Coordinator Malina Davies
Packet Coordinator Lynnsey Oppengaard
Nail Art Paige Elliot
Bulletin Board Beth Koughan
Kitchen Coordinator Lena Morris
Asst. Kitchen Coordinator
Jars of Chance Alissa Hacking
ER for the Uninjured Kelly Gross
Kevin Gross
Gym Games Vanessa Nordstrom
Cristy Willis
Website Kelly Anderson
Cake Walk Ana Vujkovic
Parking Dave Soukup
Face Painting/Tattoos Beth Broich
Crazy Hair/Jars of Chance Alissa Hacking
Munchie Walk Carrie Pluemer
Preschool Games Andi Sherban
Lindsey Eberhard
Photo Booth Chris Cutting
Fortune Teller Petra Lodder
Teacher’s Pet Shop Katie Cole
Dance Party Kristen Torrey
Dance Party Paula Dixon
Jan Marschke
Art Room Jen McNair
Silent Auction Beth Koughan
Andi Sherban